Tula Tuesday!

I’ve decided to participate in Quilting Mayhem’s 100 Block Challenge using Tula Pink’s City Sampler book!

The idea is that we will make 100 blocks over the next 10 months, and then spend November and December assembling them into a quilt! I’m really excited about this challenge because I’ve been wanting this book for quite some time, and now I have the perfect motivation to have it and use it!

To help keep up the motivation I’m declaring Tuesdays on my blog “Tula Tuesdays” -at least for the next year!

Each week I will make a few of the block and do a little show-and-tell. By the end of the month I will have my 10 blocks complete to keep up with the sewing wizards at Quilting Mayhem. It is seriously going to be so much fun.

This week, I got a little carried away. I had originally planned to only do 3 blocks, but then, before I knew, it I had five!


My sewing room looks like an explosion happened because I’ve been working on #gyspywife and now the #QM100BlockChallenge all weekend, so I’m sorry the picture isn’t the greatest.


Look at these blocks! I enjoyed the fussy cutting that a few of them required. I’m making it a point to watch my directional prints on these blocks to make sure they stay the same orientation.  When I’m done, I plan on this quilt have a definite top and bottom!

Tula Pink Plume

Also worth noting about this project: it has made me actually cut into stash fabric! <Gasp!>

I have two fat quarters from Tula Pink’s Plume line. They are the secret OOP (out of print) treasures in my current stash! These are from when Tula Pink was with Moda, and that was quite a while ago! I said I wouldn’t use them unless I absolutely had to or found this perfect project, and this weekend I finally did it. Now there is a 4 1/4″ square missing from one of the fat quarters -it still makes my heart flutter a bit to think I actually used it!

If you would like to join in on the #QM100BlockChallenge check out their blog for more details. Be sure to tag your posts with the hashtag so we can see them too, and you can even add the badge to your blog.


I have so much more to show you, but I’m holding off until my turn in the #honestcraftroomies Periscope hop on Thursday because the topic this week is “Current projects” which is quite fitting given the progress I made this week. If you aren’t on Periscope yet, definitely check out adding the app to your phone/device and following me @anotterlife.  It is such a great way to connect with other Makers around the country and world!

Let me know if you decide to join this challenge with me. I would love to see your progress.


One thought on “Tula Tuesday!

  1. Oh they are great! How exciting, you’re inspiring me tho get back to work on my block sew-a-long. I have a layer cake of the view finder collection, been holding them for a while now, thou know for that special project, lol. I can’t wait to see blocks!


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